Our MOPS group is a dynamic, inviting environment where moms can come just as they are to build friendships, be encouraged, and gain practical parenting strategies. All while their children are lovingly cared for in the MOPPETS program.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Are your MOPPETS ready?

Just as the excitement has been building for MOPS to begin for us... the excitement is growing among our MOPPETS team!!!  They are waiting for your little ones with great anticipation!!  We want your child to have fun, learn,  be loved, and be safe while they are here!  Ann Marie, Julissa, and the team have worked very hard to make this year one to remember.  This year will be structured with stations, activities, lessons, and FUN galore!!!

In order to make sure your MOPPET has a safe and awesome time , here are a few things to remember:

~Label all bags, blankets, pacifiers, and cups!  I know we teach them to share, but we don't want to share anything but toys!!

~Read over the Wellness policy.  We work very hard to make sure our MOPPETS program remains as germ free as possible!

~Have your MOPPET here on time!  We don't want them to miss ONE second of the great program we have for them! (nor do we want you to miss out on the program happening for you!)  MOPS starts at 9:30am-- our workers are really anxious to see your little ones, but they need to be ready for them.  Please do not attempt to take them to childcare before 9:00 am.

~ Please do not bring in outside food or drink.  You can bring them their own LABELED sippy cup, but outside food (unless provided for a specific dietary need)  presents challenges while trying to manage allergies and specific needs.  We will provide snacks i.e. cheerios, goldfish, etc...

~ Inform the check- in staff & your child's worker of allergies or any other needs the child might have.

~Send in an extra set of clothes.  Accidents and "blow-outs" happen.  We would take the ones off our backs for them, but I fear they won't fit!!  LOL

~Hold onto your check -in sticker w/ the number.  This a two- fold purpose.  1.  if your child needs you, we will flash that # on the screen to let you know.  2.  You NEED this sticker to pick up your child.  Your child will NOT be released by any worker to anyone without that pick- up sticker nor will you be permitted down the child care hallway without it.  As we grow, we take on more children.  Safety is a very important part of our program!  We love your kiddos and take security VERY seriously!!

~ Use the lobby bathroom and not the one in the childcare hallway.  When we go into that hallway after things are calm, all it takes is one little MOPPET seeing a mom... doesn't even have to be their mom... and they start an all out wailing war that echos through out the classes!

~Don't forget... it is a new year.  Your MOPPETS might fight to not let you go.  They have been out of the "MOPS" routine since May.  It will take a couple meetings, but they WILL adjust!  Our workers are ready to assure them that you will come back, and will love on them till you do!  We are all in the same boat! Don't stress if your # is flashed!  We are all moms first!  We have been or will be there...  Try again next meeting!

The MOPPETS team is here for you-- keep those lines of communication open!!!  If you have any questions or concerns... feel free to email us!!

Can't wait to see all your sweet little faces!!