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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chocolate and Biscuits

Hey girls!  I've been thinking about our theme for this year "Adventures in Mothering" and I had a neat memory from my childhood surface yesterday.

I love the way that a kitchen can bring back memories, especially when particular foods from your childhood are made by the same hands that prepared them years ago.

My mom made chocolate and biscuits last night for dinner, and Aryn and I joined her for our feast.  The recipe is simple and it was so good to warm my heart and fill my belly.

The memory is somewhat bittersweet.  When I was a little girl, my dad didn't enjoy this meal...he thought that it wasn't good for you to eat chocolate as part of a meal.  He was somewhat of a health nut, so mom didn't make it when he was around.  It was our little moment to enjoy together...even though we were sad that Dad wasn't at home with us.

You see, he would be staying overnight at the hospital for his most recent infection, and we would finish visiting with him in the evening and then on the way home get excited about our chocolate and biscuit dinner.

I'm glad that my mom made the best of the situation, even if my dad was in the hospital.  It was our way to enjoy a moment in the middle of a not-so-enjoyable adventure.

I hope that I can handle my not-so-enjoyable times in my family with the same creative and positive attitude.