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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Please Be Aware...Even in Clermont

Hey girls - Melinda G. sent this out and asked me to share it with you. I especially love her closing love and pray for these individuals and their families AND to remain thankful to the Lord for His protection.

Dear Friends,

I share this with you not out of fear, but for the fact that knowledge is power! Please know that this is not a spam or a joke, this happened TO ME at MY HOUSE while I was home alone our daughter in board daylight (4:30pm to be exact).

Let me preface the "what happened" by stating that we are perfectly fine. We are grateful to God for His hedge of protection...and common sense!

**** A knock came at the door, and the person rang the doorbell too. We were expecting our AC guy so I took Kylee to answer the door. I did recognize the vehicle or the person through the door window. I asked through the door if I could help them and this guy (descriptions below) if I could help him. I also saw that another guy was sitting in the driving seat of the vehicle (descriptions below). The guy @ the door told me that his "wife and young son had been in a severe car accident in Orlando and they needed help to get there because the wife had his wallet." I told him I could not help him, but I will pray for his situation. He said "thank you anyway," got back in the vehicle and they drove away.

My gut told me something was not right and I called 911. I reported suspicious activity on my street. I gave the details and when the operator asked me if the person had a specific tattoo; I was certain it was because someone in my area had recently reported them. He did have the tattoo she asked about. It turns out they have "been picked up many times for various reasons and an officer would get on it right away."

It only occured to me later when I was telling David that they came to our door about 10 minutes after he left to go to the store. Can't help but wonder if they were watching. Thankfully our Lord Jesus was watching too!!!


--Vehicle - White GMC SUV w/ 4 doors and dark tint. White license plate, w/ dark letters and numbers (maybe dark blue). There also appeared to have some sort of speciality tag, maybe Coast Guard or something similar. (I was looking through a window after all!)
--Persons - In Car: White male, approx early 30's w/ dark short (maybe military short) haircut. At door: White male, approx early 30's w/ dark short (maybe miliarty short) haircut, multiple tattoos could be seen on his arms/etc, approx 5' 10" tall, dark shirt, jeans. The "telling tattoo" (according to the police) was "tear drop tattoos under his eyes." (It seems that is a gang sign for how many lives you have taken!)

Clermont PD asks that if you come across anyone w/ these descriptions, or approached by one/them (I got the impression this is not the first time, or they are the only ones about town), to call 911 immediately.

**** In my works with the Boys & Girls Club of South Lake County I have learned that there are 54 gangs reported in Lake County. 54 groups filled with lost souls in our very own greater community. May we all pray for them, their families, and may the Lord our God keep us all under His protection.

If you are receiving this and don't live near me, just remember - however tragic - it is in every amazingly awesome that so is our God!


Love to all,