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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Costume contest begins!!! VOTE NOW!


TIME TO VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay girls... we have some cuties for you to search through and VOTE ON!! Vote for the one you think deserves KUDOS!! It can be cute, korny, creative, or just down right sweet!! You have until 10pm tonight to vote!! The winner will announced at Tues. MOPS meeting!!

You can vote by leaving a comment!! "I vote for #?? The numbers are BELOW the pictures! It is that simple! NO, you can not vote more than once!! If your comment doesn't show up -- don't worry... we got it. If it shows up and then dissapears.... we got it too! We are just trying to keep track of the votes and keeping it secret! Shhhh!!! We have a lot of cuties, but only one winner!! Thanks for sharing them with us!

We are all so very blessed!!
Good luck and happy voting!!

Don't forget... if there are adults in the are only voting on the kids!
You can click on the picture to enlarge it!!
Make sure you keep scrolling there are A LOT of entries!! Whew!!!!!

Number 1 OR Number 2

Number 3 OR Number 4

Number 5 OR Number 6

Number 7 OR Number 8

Number 9 OR Number 10

Number 11 OR Number 12

Number 13 OR Number 14

Number 15 OR Number 16

Number 17 OR Number 18

Number 19 OR Number 20

Number 21 OR Number 22

Number 23 OR Number 24

Number 25 OR Number 26

Number 27

Number 28


Anonymous said...

I definitely vote for #7. check out that smile!

Anonymous said...

# 10 it is

Anonymous said...

I vote for # 9

Anonymous said...

Vote for # 1

Vanessa said...

Wow! This was hard! I vote for Number 7.

Anonymous said...

I vote for #16 but they were all so cute.

Ginger said...

The girls in #25 are adorable.

Anonymous said...

I vote for #4

Anonymous said...

My vote is for # 19....

Anonymous said...

My vote is for 19

Rhonnie said...

I vote for #13. God bless you! Go Aralyn :)

ctechphoto said...


Anonymous said...


My vote is for # 13 Cave Girl !!!

Anonymous said...

#4 is my choice!

Anonymous said...

i vote for #13

Anonymous said...

They are all adorable, but the face on number 22 is so unbelievable. Her expression says it all. How thrilled she is to be a princess!

Stephanie Karnes said...

voting for #10...too cute!! love the matching outfits!!

Anonymous said...

I am voting for #13 - Aralyn!

Maria Lugo

Anonymous said...

i vote for #24 of coarse! :)

Anonymous said...

The two princesses #25 gets my vote.

Business 4010 Team said...

I vote for #13