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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Compassion for Christmas!

Hi Ladies! This is a guest post from Jeri Stone, a Mentor Mom for the FUMC MOPS group in the area. She's an ambassador for Compassion International and wanted to share some information with us about the Child Survival Program. MOPS International supports Compassion as well, and it is such a SOLID organization that feeds, clothes, schools, and shelters struggling children and shows them the love of Jesus in their everyday life. Compassion gives these children a true shot at not just living, but thriving in their surroundings. My husband and I have sponsored Kennedy Wafula for over 4 years...check out the links below!! ~ Amanda


There's no greater gift than the life of a child! Yet too many children enter the world sickly and malnourished. Every year nearly 10 million children die from preventable causes before they reach their fifth birthday. Often they're not even given names, because they'll only live just a fraction of that time.

To combat this horrendous problem, Compassion International's Child Survival Program works with expectant mothers and their babies in the most impoverished areas of our globe. The program supports and feeds malnourished children, while training mothers to sustain the growth and development of their little ones.

It provides prenatal care and basic nutrition for the expectant mothers. Later it ensures health care for both mother and child : treatment of infections and diseases, and regular health check-ups. It also teaches moms by giving them infant survival training and stimulation techniques for mental, emotional and social development. Caregivers are given the opportunity to learn to read and write and develop a trade skill to help them provide for their families. All these benefits are delivered through a local church in a developing country, because it knows where the greatest needs in the community lie. In addition, the church wants to show these mothers and children that God loves them.

You can help too! You can help save these little ones for their desperate, heartbroken moms! What better "love gift " for Christ at this most holy season of His birth! If you'd like to make a special gift from your family this Christmas or New Year to Compassion's Child Survival Program please call Jeri Stone at 352-243-1479 or 616-437-5460 or head over to for more information