Our MOPS group is a dynamic, inviting environment where moms can come just as they are to build friendships, be encouraged, and gain practical parenting strategies. All while their children are lovingly cared for in the MOPPETS program.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Meeting Re-Cap, May 4th!!! Launching Pad!

We are launching into summer!!!  I can't believe it is almost here!!  I know my kids are over the moon excited!! Today we had different stations which each had some different summertime activities that we can do with our kids!!   We had everything from file folder games to Peanut butter play dough!!!  I knew you would all ask so without further delay... the recipes for the play dough!!!

Peanut Butter Play dough
1 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup honey
2 cups powered sugar

Mix ingredients in a bowl then store in airtight container.

*let kids play with dough on a sheet of wax paper

If you or your child has peanut allergies... I highly recommend using the  recipe below!!  

Salt Dough
1 cup salt
1 1/4 cups warm water
3 cups flour

Day one-Pour 1 cup salt into large bowl, add 1 1/4 cups warm water and mix. Add 3 cups flower and mix. Knead into ball and seal in plastic bag and refrigerate.

Day two-Mold into anything you desire.

Day three- Paint it and enjoy!

Okay ... on to BABY NEWS:  ( I just love this part!)
Pregnant:  Sarah S.
Having a girl:  Susan B.

MOPS 2010- 2011 PLAN!!
Really exciting stuff is going on at MOPS at Real Life!!!  We started out 2 years ago with about 24 ppl attending our first meeting .  It has grown by God's grace into 110 registered mom's!!  If we had everyone show up on 1 meeting we would have to pull out more seats and tables!!  The Lord is good and really knows that there is a need in Lake, Orange, and the surrounding counties for us mom's to come together and take this journey together!!!  NO MOM ALONE!!!  We firmly believe that!!!  Motherhood is hard and one of the best and most important jobs on earth....  we don't need to do it alone!  So... with our plan for next year , we are going to be able to make sure that NO MOM  is alone!!!

We are going to be having 3 meetings!!!!!!!!!!!  WHAT??????????  Did I just say that out loud!!  Yes, maam I did!!!!  We will have a tues. morning meeting  , a weds. morning meeting, and a night meeting!  The meetings will be in the same week so we will still have our week off of MOPS.  The night meeting will fall on either a monday night or tuesday night to allow for childcare! (details about the night group are still being worked through!)

The 2 morning meetings will mirror each other so you won't  miss a thing!!!  2 morning meetings will enable the mom who works part time to be able to join us!!  If they work MWF... they can come to our Tues. meeting.   If they work T or TH.,... they can attend our Wednesday meeting!!    The night meeting will enable the working mom who works full time to attend and connect with other moms-- also single mom's can have a couple hours to chill , connect, and re-group!!

Also with 3 groups comes places for you to get involved!! Our coordinators for next year, Kelly Gooch and Pam Amaral can't do it alone!   We need Hospitality team, Service team!!!  We will need discussion group leaders as well!!  If you have a passion for MOPS and making sure NO MOM IS ALONE, then shoot us an email ,and we will help see where there is a place you can get plugged in!!

The theme for next year is MOMOLOGY-- 
the art and science of mothering!  
MOPS registration is $21.95 until May 31st.  You can pay by cash, check (made out to MOPS international), or CC at our next meeting on May 18th.  After May 31st registration will be $23.95 for next year!   With your paid registration your benefits include:

~ you get to pick your MOPS day! 
(we need for you to pick one day to attend-- we will be capping the first group at 60 so we don't have 10 on one day and 80 on another day!!  Oye!!!  The vision is to  have room for growth on both days and help us with our childcare numbers!!!) 
~Momsense Magazine
~Mom e-mail
~MOPS logo reusable tote bag that says, " friends don't let friends mother alone"
~MOPS bumper sticker
~"No mom alone" 2- in 1- frame magnet
~MOPS bag tag for luggage, purse, diaper bags

Registration process:
~fill out registration sheet
~Bring a check, cash or CC to pay
~Pay and pick your MOPS day

Simple as pie!! I am sure there will be questions, and concerns re: this process and the new plan, but we are so excited to have each and every one of you on this journey with us!  Please shoot us an email at if you have any more questions, and we will do our best to answer them! 

Our next meeting is May 18th!!  It is our LAST meeting!!  collective sigh!! :o(  We will be having our end of the year wrap up, having some giveaways, and sharing in more detail our summer time activities.  Girls, motherhood doesn't take a break in the summer so neither do we!!  You won't want to miss some of our MOPS girls share with us about their MOPS year, and how MOPS has impacted them this past 8 months!! It is going to be a great wrap up!!!

The next meeting will also be the last day to bring $$ for the Bodin Family!  If you feel more comfortable writing a personal check .. . you can make it out to :  Crosspointe Christian Church-- w/ Matt Bodin in the MEMO line!!! 

Okay... I know this was a mouth full and an ear full!!!  We are excited and challenged!  Have a great MOTHER'S DAY!!  We love you all!!