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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

October Outreach Project

This month's Outreach Project is Homeless Kits.  The goal is to be able to arm ourselves with a toiletry kit to give out when we see people who need it when we're out and about with our kiddos.  We'll be collecting items through the month of October, which will be compiled into kits.  Look into your stashes of trial size items and see what you can donate.  Here are just some of the items we could use:
Here's a list of "suggested items" to list on the blog for November's outreach project:

small non-perishable/"meltable" food items (hard granola bars, raisins, trail mix, beef jerky, etc.)
travel size toiletries (shampoo, hand soap, body wash, toothpaste & brush, etc.)
band aids
travel size tissue packs
hand sanitizer
travel size sewing kit

For more information, click here.