Our MOPS group is a dynamic, inviting environment where moms can come just as they are to build friendships, be encouraged, and gain practical parenting strategies. All while their children are lovingly cared for in the MOPPETS program.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Coming up This Week at MOPS...

THIS TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, 9:30 am!!! This week we will be hearing from an Orange Country sheriff's deputy who is also a certified EMT. He will be talking to us about child abduction prevention/action, car seat safety, and basic first aid!

If there was ever a meeting to invite your mom friends to, this is it!!! Don't miss it!!

Our outreach for this month is items for our Real Help hospitality team! They just completed a project so their resources are low. Let's get them ready for their next project!  See the chart below for examples of what they can use for their next project! You girls always knock our outreaches out of the park!! Real Help hospitality is so thankful!!! (don't forget... don't bring anything perishable!)

Individual Snack Size of Chips
Individual Snack Size of Snacks (chex-mix, cheez-its, trail mix, etc.)
Coffee (large canisters)
Individual coffee creamers
Sugar packets
Plastic Plates
Paper Towels
Cutlery (mostly forks)
Styrofoam cups

While spring and summer are right around the corner, we are still in the thick of flu and cold season! Please remember to be vigilant in making sure our kids are healthy before bringing them to MOPS! Our goal is to keep our MOPPETS program as healthy as possible! We LOVE to share, but not the yuckies!  Also, if you could please remember to bring an extra set of clothes for your potty training kiddos that would help our MOPPETS team better take great care of your little one if they have an accident! Our MOPPETS team does NOT want to send them home in wet clothes or naked , but they are running out of loaner clothes to change them into if an accident occurs. Thanks girls!!

Enjoy your weekend and see you all Tues/Weds!!!