Our MOPS group is a dynamic, inviting environment where moms can come just as they are to build friendships, be encouraged, and gain practical parenting strategies. All while their children are lovingly cared for in the MOPPETS program.

Friday, February 18, 2011

In Case you Missed It

What a great meeting this week!  After a short video montage of some of our favorite MOPS moms talking about motherhood (I could watch the woman who sits in a closed room with a toddler yelling in the background, all day!) we were visited by a panel of  experienced moms.  Monica, Sue and Helaine have all been through the pre-school days with their children and were able to provide some big picture wisdom.  They discussed everything from extra-curriculars to bonding and picking battles.  It was so interesting to see the common threads even though everyone had their own point-of-view.   Each mom reminded us to remember that these years are only a "season" in our lives.  The potty training, tantrums and sleep issues will only last a short time and before we know it, our little ones will be in college...We have to keep our eyes on the big picture and enjoy all the moments. 

We only have FIVE MEETINGS left, ladies!  If you know a mom who isn't plugged in to MOPS, don't let another day go by before you invite her to our next meeting.