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Thursday, March 17, 2011

In Case you Missed It

What a great week at MOPS!  We were fortunate enough to have Christina McPherson and Erin Ramsey with us to speak about the differences between raising boys versus girls.  Here's a recap of the information they shared with us:

Erin talked about raising and homeschooling three girls. She always encourages their "inner princesses."  All girls have a deep desire to be loved and cherished.  Her girls say that Jesus is their prince and their castle is in Heaven.  She believes manners and obedience start when young and unconditional love is paramount.  Erin honors her husband with words to model wife and mother character for her girls.  She believes it's important to limit media usage and supervise what the children are watching.

Erin mentioned learning your children's love language.  This helps you understand your kids better and communicate more effectively. (you can find out your child's love languages here!)  She also talked about discipline's role in parenting.  We should define boundaries, begin teaching respect when the kids are young.  We need to distinguish between willful defiance and childish irresponsibility.  Erin shared how prayer has helped her to be a better mother and keep a more peaceful home. Be sure to avoid impossible demands and always let love be your guide.

Christina is a homeschooling mother to three boys.  She said that some of the things that boys really need are a mom who builds up their dad, to be taught responsibility and to be allowed to be adventurous.  She said that the most important thing we can teach our boys is who Christ is.  As mothers, we can model humility by asking for forgiveness and also find favorite things to do with your son.

Here's a list of "You Should Knows About Boys:"
1.  They are innately competitive and aggressive
2.  We have to build their self esteem
3.  Boys don't think about outcomes; they are risk takers
4.  Boys are just boys

Another fantastic week of MOPS with wonderful women.  See you next time!