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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 17th Meeting Re-cap

Greetings to you all!! 
If you are reading this because you missed the meeting today... WE MISSED YOU!!  We know that the cold and flu season is fast approaching if not here already for some of you!  We trust you will be healthy soon!  Speaking of flu and cold season, you can check out our wellness policy  if you have any questions throughout the season!

On to today!! 
Baby News:
Having a boy:  Amanda McKnatt

Today we had a creative activity from a group called KidsLink Down Range!  We made greeting cards for each holiday and made care packs for children of military children.  This helps the kids when a holiday comes up to go to their card care pack and pick out a card and mail it to their deployed parent!!  Great way of keeping the little ones connected!!

After doing our activity, we watched a video from MOPS international that went a long with our theme today:  Lovers and Givers!  How can we be lovers and givers this holiday season?  Sometimes we can be lovers and givers in our every day life doing our every day life things.  Just take what we already do to the next level!  For me my most valuable thing is my time... it is really hard to be a giver of my time when I have so little of it.  That is where I have to get creative!  If you are already at the store and you know of a single mom... call her up and say "hey... I am in Publix right this minute.. what can I bring you?" You were there anyway and it didn't take up my time or make me go out of my way!

At the close of our discussion time, as a table we came up with one way we can come together and be a lover and a giver!  We had some great ideas!  Some tables are adopting a family for christmas, some tables are collecting money for gift cards for an " in need" family!  The holiday season is a great time to be a lover and giver... let's not just have it stop there.  Make being a lover and giver part of your lifestyle!!  Yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly!!

We closed out our meeting with announcements!  Our next meeting will be December 1st!  WHAT???? Did I really just say Dec.?  I can't believe the year is almost over!
Next meeting's theme:
Christmas Brunch
We will have some great things going on! Some surprises to make you laugh or cry... your choice!  :o)

 Christmas is always a great time for inviting  your mom friends to MOPS.  I challenge you to each try and invite at least one person to our Christmas Brunch and see where it can go from there!!
 Can't wait to see you all at the next meeting!