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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Meeting Re-cap, March 16th!!

HOPE in the Tough Times!!
I am so glad that we have HOPE!!

Today we started out with some :BABY NEWS:
Having TWIN BOYS: Tammie B.
In celebrating motherhood in ALL SHAPES, SIZES, and forms:
Lisa Y is adopting a baby girl in April!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats to both of you ladies!!

Our ice breaker today was a great game that used our minds. Some it came easier than others, but it was awesome to read scripture after scripture about HOPE!

Our guest speaker today was Dr. Jeff Barnes from Wellspring Counseling Center! Dr. Jeff also serves as an Elder at Real Life Christian Church, our chartering ministry! Dr. Jeff shared on DEPRESSION! Did you know men are more likely to get into deep depression than woman? I first found that to be weird, but then it made sense. Woman talk to people and rarely keep their emotions bottled up. Men , not so much!!
I was also grateful to learn that depression is not a sin. It is an appropriate emotion in response to a stimulus. Here are some thoughts on how to deal with depression!

1. acknowledge the emotion and identify the severity of it.

2. decide who or what is going to be in control of our lives.

3. share the concern with God.

4. Ask yourself, "what is this depression telling me?"

5. Identify the causes-- usually more than one cause.

6. Get busy and make the changes!

Here are some helpful encouraging scriptures that Dr. Jeff has shared with us.
Psalms 16: 8
Psalms 18:28
Psalms 27:1
Psalms 46:1
Romans 8:37
Put them on index cards and read them everyday to keep your mind captive!!

Know that the ultimate HOPE is found in Jesus Christ! He loves you, friends! There is no depth of depression that he can not find you and offer you a hand up!! IF you need more help in understanding or more questions that need to be answered.... here are some resources to help you!

Real Life Christian Church
1501 Steve’s Road
Clermont, Florida 34711

Wellspring Christian Counseling Center
352-241-WELL (9355)
2220 Cluster Oak Dr Unit F
Clermont, FL 34711

Florida Domestic Abuse Hotline

Okay... our next meeting is April 6th!! We will be having our last DVD of the series entitled "living together with God"!

You guys did a great job with our March outreach. For April , we will be bringing in soaps! Bubbly soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, bar soap, hand soap!!

Thanks girls!!
See you next month!!