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Friday, March 12, 2010

Meeting re-cap, March 2nd!!

4, 3, 2, 1 Blast off!!!!
Sometimes that is what our communication and anger management all boil down to! The counting and then the inevitable blast off of emotion!! Well our two special guests helped us learn how to become mission control and really take hold of our communication and anger management!!

David Benzel came to speak to us about the quality of our conversations. Do we fit into "fight" or "flight" or are we in the healthy middle? When faces with an issue that needs to be communicated, these four things should be looked at...
1. what is the event? what is happening?
2. what is my interpretation of that event? Is what happened really what happened or am I putting my own spin on it.
3. how am I feeling about this?
4. what is my behavior because of my interpretation?

NOTE: The event itself does not determine your feelings!
When dealing with an event that needs to be communicated, look for 3 things...
1. common purpose w/ whom you are communcating to
2. ultimate respect
3. mutual understanding

We so appreciate David Benzel sharing with us today! He has written a book called, "From Chump to Champ" and can be found at

Our next guest was one of our own!! Sarah Palermo shared with us about how to deal with your child and their anger management issues!! WOW... big one!! Here is some points she shared!

· We set the example for our children about how to interact with others

· We must teach our children how to verbalize their anger – teach them to use “I” statements

· The emotions that our children express reflect the state of their hearts

· Prov. 27:19; Matt. 12:34; Prov. 4:23

· Most important parental training we can do with our children is to help them realize the state of their hearts and their need for Jesus

· Scriptures that we can use when we talk to our children about their anger

· Eph. 4:26; Prov. 15:1; Prov. 29:11; James 1:19

· Have children apologize to each other by saying “Please forgive me for….”. Say “sorry” when something has occurred by accident

· Stage of infancy

· How we handle our infants when they cry sets a pattern for the future – turn our attention away from the child or remove the child by putting him/her in their crib for a few min. (2-5 min.). Child will not make negative association with their bed because child knows difference between being cuddled to go to sleep and being placed in crib for a time of isolation.

· Teach sign language – please, thank you, more, all done, eat, and drink

· Stage of toddler years

· Remove your child from attention – child go to his/her bedroom and sit on their bed until you come into the room to talk to them

· We give our children too many opportunities throughout the day to make their own decisions. Implement “no choice day” – during that entire day child is not allowed to make any of their own decisions.

· Stage of early childhood (ages 6-13)

· Remove your child from attention

· Really listen to your child – the more you listen and less that you lecture the more they will feel comfortable to talk to you about what is really going on in their hearts.

· Use more scripture because they will be more able to understand God’s word and apply it to their lives

· When children become angry with each other, use scriptures that talk about creating dissension vs. creating peace - Prov. 15:18 Ask your child “With your actions, are you creating peace or dissension?”

· Stage of adolescence

· They need to know that they can trust you and that you are wanting to work with them as a team. When conflict arises, say to teenager, “Let’s work this out together. I am here for you. I want to help you.”

Thanks so much Sarah!!

Having a girl: Sandra!!!

Our creative activity today was making "treasure boxes" for our kids. Paired up with a short behavior chart... we decorated boxes to keep small little "rewards" in for when they do a good deed or finish their behavior chart!! Very cute!

We were so happy that you joined us today!! We are growing by leaps and bounds and are LOVING it!!! Keep inviting your friends!! Our next meeting is March 16th where we will be talking about HOPE in the tough times!! You won't want to miss out !!
Also, our outreach for the month is dental hygiene items!! Even the little samples are good!!

We love you girls and are so excited that you choose to join us each meeting!!
Have a great week!