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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Meeting Re-cap February 2nd!

How do you show love?

That was our topic today!!
Valentines day is coming fast! However, we don't need to wait until then to show love! We can show love in MANY ways. That was our brainstorming session today! Each table came up with creative ways to show all kinds of people love! From writing notes to making meals for people!! Sometimes even a simple "hello" can show love!! We don't need to write in the sky with a skywriter, sometimes we just need to say it from our lips!!

We had a great time of sharing with our 4 + year old class! We brought them on stage and asked them "how do you know your mommy loves you?" We got some great answers!!
"She hugs me!"
"She gives me ponies!"
"She lets me paint!"

How are you showing LOVE each day!!
I hope you will start with the notes and bags of M&M's we made today during our craft time!! Love is contagious!! Let's let it spread faster and better than the swine flu!! :o)

Pregnant: Cindie, Diane, and Melissa
Congrats girls!!

Don't forget... A great way to be LOVED on is to let your DGL or Table Hostess know if you are pregnant (and when you have your baby) so your table can LOVE on you with meals!!

You girls blew our socks off today with all the diapers!! Keep bringing... one more meeting!! We will surely show some LOVE this month to some great families who really will make good use of these diapers!! Woot woot!!

Can't wait to see you all for our next meeting on February 16th!
You will not want to miss it!! It will be a time to focus on YOU!!!!
Have a great 2 weeks!!